Welcome to Department of Community Medicine, ABU, Zaria.
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The Department of Community Medicine was established in 1969 under the auspices of Institute of Health and Faculty of Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University. The Department came into existence out of realization that Nigeria, a fast developing country, needs community physicians with a liberal community outlook rather than clinicians engaged only in individual care and treatment with little time for social responsibility. While other clinical departments of the Faculty equip the medical students with up-to-date knowledge and skill to become efficient experts in surgery and medicine and other related disciplines, teaching programmes in the Department of Community Medicine is geared to orient the medical students to the social aspects of medical care, how their professional knowledge could be applied to improve the health of the people, to protect them from hostile environment and to provide necessary service to raise productive ability of the people.


Community medicine in Ahmadu Bello University is taught from levels 100 to 600. At the end of the six years training in Community Medicine, a medical student is expected to demonstrate through written, oral and practical assignments

Knowledge of:

  1. the concept of the population as the patient.
  2. the ecological and environmental influences on health.
  3. demographic trends and its relationship to the health of a community.
  4. the importance of economic factors in the causation of health problems.
  5. socio-cultural influences on health.
  6. community organization.
  7. the organization and functioning of a health care system, particularly the
    administrative and managerial mechanism in improving health services.
  8. the epidemiological basis for clinical diagnosis.
  9. growth and development of children.
  10. the natural history of common diseases.
  11. personal preventive medicine.