COMM 101– History of Medicine:-

Course Objectives

To show how medicine has developed through the ages – its technique, and organization and understanding ideas.

To show the various contributions of local (traditional) practices to what is now the body of scientific medicine.

To create the need for continuing development, research and humility as the truth of today may become ridiculous ‘errors’ tomorrow.

To get the aspiring doctor to begin the appreciate the traditional ethics, morals values of the profession of medicine

Since the medical behaviour of a period is part of the culture of that period and tells much about that society. Medical history can therefore be studied as part of general world history.

Lecture Titles:

Why Medical History.
Primitive medicine and medicine of ancient civilization
Greek medicine 500BC – 500A.D.
Medical and Renaissance medicine 500 – 150A.D.
Medicine in the 17th Century
Medicine in the 18th Century
Medicine in the 19th Century
Medicine in the 20th Century
Medicine in Nigeria