Course Objectives:

  1. Introduce Medical students to the fundamental aims of Health Education
  2. Acquaint medical students with the role of health education in health and disease
  3. Provide medical students with guidelines and steps in planning health education programmes
  4. Furnish medical students with ideas, methods and techniques used in health education programmes
  5. Help medical students see the need for promoting positive health behaviours in individuals
  6. Brief medical students on the history of social medicine
  7. Educate medical students about the underprivileged members of the society and how to apply both social and medical knowledge in effectively serving the patients and the community
  8. Help medical students understand the classification, causes of, and programmes for various forms of handicaps


Course Content/Topics:

  1. Culture, tradition and health
  2. Lifestyle and health
  3. Illness and health behaviour
  4. Health belief model
  5. Nature of health education
  6. Theories of learning/Communication in health education
  7. Methods and Techniques of health education
  8. Roles of various health workers including functions of health education specialist
  9. Practical application of health education to particular health problems
  10. Selection/use of health education materials
  11. School health education
  12. Community development and community participation
  13. History of social medicine
  14. The underprivileged members of society
  15. Classification and causes of handicaps
  16. Programmes for the handicapped
  17. Social welfare services in Nigeria and other countries