Postgraduate Programme

The Department offers and participates in the following postgraduate courses:

  1. MPH Master in Public Health
  2. Masters in Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme (FELTP)
  3. Master in Disaster management Under the Department of Geography.
  4. Master in Nursing Sciences under the Department of Nursing Sciences
  5. Master in Environmental Health under the Department of Nursing Sciences
  6. Master in Health Education under the Department of Health Education
  7. Advanced course in biostatistics (sponsored by the Department of Biochemistry)
  8. PhD programmes under the guidance and supervision of the senior staff of the Department.
  9. Community Health Officers (CHO) Training Programme.  This is now a two year competency-based sub degree training programme designed for leaders of community health extension workers cadre.  The Federal Ministry of Health administers the qualifying examination.  This course is co-coordinated by the Department of Community Medicine.  Since inception in 1981 candidates from different part of the country have been trained.
  10. Residency training programme, residency training in community medicine in Ahmadu Bello University follows the general philosophy and objective laid down by the National Postgraduate Medicine College.  The training is carried out through didactic course, organized educational visits, participation in other training programmes run by the Department and attendance at College organized workshops.  Clinical experience is gained through rotation in clinical facilities run by the department and some establishments outside of the department.